SPECIAL REPORT: Celebrating Race Relations Day

Parents and caregivers have a responsibility to raise children who appreciate and celebrate diversity, and who can promote equality within our communities. Race Relations Day is celebrated on March 21 and provides an opportunity for New Zealanders to reflect on their own attitudes towards a multicultural society. By acknowledging the challenges faced by minority communities, we can encourage the promotion of racial harmony and cultural understanding.

Race Relations Day has become more prominent, with events and activities taking place across the country to raise awareness and encourage dialogue around the importance of promoting cultural humility and inclusiveness. Parents can support their children in understanding racial harmony by modelling inclusive and respectful behaviour, encouraging empathy, appreciating the experiences of others, and speaking up against racism.

By teaching children to respect and understand different cultural backgrounds, we can foster positive attitudes and beliefs towards racial harmony in Aotearoa. This will help create a more inclusive and equitable world. Whānau can join in the celebrations of Race Relations Day, and view it as an opportunity to unite cultures. This can include learning about and participating in events, festivals and activities organised by various cultural groups.


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